Our clients include natural persons and legal entities both from the Czech Republic and abroad.


We have long-term cooperation with experienced notaries, who can promptly take charge of any necessary notarial acts or ascertain the status of any particular issue (e.g., the inheritance proceedings).

Tax advisors

Many legal issues also involve dealing with taxes. We are ready to ensure services of economists or tax advisors for you.


We are able to find a suitable bailiff based on the debtor’s place of residence/registered office. Moreover, we have a long-term cooperation with a young, but highly professional and efficient bailiff.


In case it is required by our clients or if there is need, we are able to provide translator or interpreter services.


Our partners include real estate experts, corporation specialists and traffic accident investigators. We are also able to ensure expertise in other areas.


Our office has had a long-term cooperation with the European Patent and Trademark Attorney.


In situations where a legal solution is not the optimal way, we are able to provide mediator services. Currently we have close cooperation with two mediators.

Other law firms

In some rare and specific cases, we cooperate (on the client’s demand) with other legal firms both in the Czech Republic and abroad, in particular when it is necessary with regard to the extent of a legal case or if there is a need to cooperate with foreign legal firms. In such cases we use the contacts made by the partner legal firm when working on our clients’ cases and also on their own cases abroad.